Solutions for MFIs

Innovative service implements data delivery for:

User identification and verification of previously submitted data
Name, phone number, email, ID сode, insurance number, passport number, address, bank card, which will be credited
Pre-scoring and scoring
Account balances, cards & accounts transactions; credit and deposit products
Data sources
Banks, as well as personal cabinets of mobile operators, portal of governmental services, e-wallets, etc.

Easy integration

Take your frame and paste it into your web-site
Sign the contract
Receive customers' data on your server.

How it works

We write a specific code of spider-robots which connectы to the private bank account via web-browser or mobile application.
The user enters the username and password from the personal bank account, then enters the code and confirm the Captcha if necessary, and then our spider-robot takes the information and sends to our server.
In legal terms, the customer at this moment agrees with offer for this service. It relieves you of the responsibility for the collection and storage of this information. According to this agreement, after client's permission we collect her/his information and pass it to you server for identification procedures and scoring.

Legality and security

Technology fully complies with International legislation and safety requirements
The data is imported solely after user's permission
Technology takes into account all the safety measures required by the bank:
Data encryption at all stages of the interaction